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This blog is supposed to be an archive of places I'd like to go or live. Beautiful landscapes all over the world. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Alaska, Austria, Washington and others.

My name is Jonas, I'm 23, working in Hamburg, Germany, as a software developer. I love looking at landscapes and decided to create a blog for myself to look at what I like as well as share it with others. If you wanna know anything about me or my blog, send me an ask. I'm always happy to answer those.

2nd October 2012

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Our cabin on Flickr.

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14th September 2012

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A-frame in northwest Alaska, circa 1983.

Photographed by .anderson.

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5th September 2012

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Fanafjord by sotomeior on Flickr.

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4th September 2012

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Little farm on Flickr.

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2nd September 2012

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Icelandic houses

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Source: Flickr / lilou_2006